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Luster T Turquoise Glass & Jade Special Intention Rosary
Handmade Luster Transparent Turquoise Czech Glass & White Jade Special Intention Rosary. PLEASE SEE FULL DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Luster T Turquoise Glass & Jade Special Intention Rosary

A special rosary that will help us remember our gifts as well as our needs. See the description below for more details.

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A special rosary that will help us remember our gifts as well as our needs. See the description below for more details.
Item Number: SSIR-05
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This exact rosary is sold out, but we can make another if we choose a new Pater bead. Please contact me if interested.

My Speziale Special Intention Rosary

Over the last few years I've run into A LOT of people who are really struggling. Folks are feeling more and more worried, burdened, fearful and helpless. I can't even begin to tell you how much cancer I've seen in the last several years. It's been crazy! Add to that all of the scary things happening on the world stage, along with the moral decay spreading throughout our society, and it can all get to be a bit overwhelming at times. This is why I believe it's time to call in reinforcements. Someone to provide wisdom, guidance and intervention. In other words, it's time to call in the big guns by turning to God on a much larger scale.

With this idea in mind, I quickly found myself inspired (and strongly driven) to create a special rosary. I call it The Speziale Special Intention Rosary (SSIR for short). It is a new way of helping people organize their thoughts so they can ask God for help and intervention while still meditating on the Mysteries of the rosary. Kind of like a Trapper Keeper for prayer. My hope is that it will help people process through the emotional stress and trauma of their daily lives while also giving them the ability to focus on some good stuff too. We all know that constant focus on overwhelming negativity isn't healthy for anyone, but hopefully this rosary will give people an opportunity to voice their fears, ask for help, and then recognize, and be grateful for, all of the wonderful blessings in their lives (even those we sometimes take for granted).

To learn more click here for a printable version of how to say The Speziale Special Intention Rosary
or visit my "Special Intentions" page

This particular SSIR was made using a mix of luster transparent turquoise glass beads, crackled glass & white jade.
The crackled round clear glass adds a little bit of interest to the natural looking shape if the turquoise beads. The Italian silver plate center and crucifix combo are paired with my thicker 20 gauge silver filled wire and an 20 gauge sterling silver chain to accent the bright finish on the center and crucifix.

This hand made, Speziale rosary also comes with a special prayer card and a drawstring pouch for easy storage.

BEADS: The Aves are mix of 8mm round crackled Czech glass and 6x9mm luster transparent turquoise Czech glass nuggets. The Paters are 8mm white jade stone
CENTER: Italian silver plate Sorrowful Mother with the Sacred Heart on the back
CRUCIFIX: Italian silver plate large, Stars and Roses crucifix
WIRE/CHAIN: 20g silver filled wire with 20g aged sterling silver, round link chain
LENGTH: 23 inches.

Unlike store bought rosaries, I use bows instead of jump rings for added durability.

Thanks for looking! God Bless and have a great day! :)

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