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Rosaries for Children and the CPSIA:  In the Catholic faith it is not uncommon to give a new rosary as a gift for important events like Baptism, Communion, or when a child is sick.  But, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (enacted by Congress as a solution to Chinese manufactured items containing toxic levels of lead and/or phthalates) has greatly restricted our ability to continue that tradition.  

What does this mean to you?  According to the government source I spoke with, the fear is that a child under the age of 13 will swallow the rosary (or parts of it) and become sick.  The CPSIA law now requires small businesses like mine to pay for expensive and destructive 3rd party testing, certification, and permanent labeling for all items intended for children under the age of 13Even if we provide documentation from the manufacturers proving the safety of all rosary components, we still must have every children's rosary tested and engraved to prove "the combination of products doesn't push lead and/or phthalates above the acceptable level".  This new cost would be well over $150.00 per item making purchasing an affordable child's rosary much more difficult than in the past.  Unfortunately due to the high cost of complying with this new legislation and the huge price increases that would result, I'm sorry to say my rosaries, supplies, charms, and pins are no longer recommended for children under the age of 13. 

The good news is you now have another option.  Introducing The Rosaries by Speziale Family RosaryThis fully customizable "Family Rosary" is meant to be used by the child’s family until he/she reaches the legal age.  Parents, God Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and anyone else who wishes to, are meant to use this rosary to pray for the health, well being, and future of their very special loved one. Then, once the child is of age, he/she will receive their special rosary with all the good intentions and family prayer mojo passed right along with it!  Like most of my rosaries, these can be customized in many ways by mixing bead colors, adding charms and medals, and choosing the center and crucifix combination that best fits your growing child's personality.    

 If you would like more information regarding CPSIA lead law, visit the official CPSIA web site.  If you would like to request prayer beads and religious articles be exempted from the list of banned items or if you would like to voice your opinion, please contact your local state Senator or Congressman.