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Handmade Czech Glass Pater Beads with Roses 8mm
Handmade, Handpainted Czech Glass Rose Beads 8mm (for custom rosaries only, not for individual sale). See description below for more details.

Handmade Czech Glass Pater Beads with Roses 8mm

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These 8mm handmade, handpainted Czech glass rose beads will make any rosary special. Price includes all 6 Pater beads.
Item Number: PatFL8
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These sweet handmade, hand-painted Czech glass Pater beads will make any rosary special. Since they are all made by hand, the size will vary slightly between 7.5mm and 8.5mm. The above picture shows a variety of these charming rose/flower Pater beads along with a strings of 6mm and 8mm fire polished beads in order to help get an idea of size and visual balance.  The green in the picture includes 2 beads that are slightly lighter in color than the others which is why I don't have them showing as available right now.  If you are interested in these, please let me know and I can included them with the pictures of your Aves and parts. 

Prices include all 6 8mm Pater beads.
  Please keep in mind these beads are for custom rosaries only and not for individual sale.  If you are a rosary maker looking to buy these individually, please feel free to send me a special request by email.  I can't guarantee I'll have extras in stock, but if I do I can create a special listing for you to purchase them individually.

Thanks for looking! God Bless and have a great day! :)

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