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Custom Czech Glass Pater Choices
Czech Glass Pater Options: Variety of Colors (for custom rosaries only, not for individual sale). See below for more information and pricing.
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Custom Czech Glass Pater Choices

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Prairie Green FP [+$0.35]
Olivine Ren. Cut [+$0.35]
Peridot Green FP [+$0.35]
Milky Peridot Diag. Cubes [+$0.35]
Teal FP [+$0.35]
Jonquil FP [+$0.35]
Emerald/Silver Cathedrals 6mm [+$0.45]
Emerald Diagonal Cubes [+$0.35]
Emerald Green FP [+$0.35]
Rosaline FP [+$0.35]
Rosaline/Silver Cathedrals 6mm [+$0.45]
AB Rosaline Hearts 8mm [+$0.35]
Pink FP [+$0.43]
Aquamarine Bicones 8mm [+$0.35]
Aquamarine FP [+$0.35]
Aqua/Silver Cathedrals 6mm [+$0.48]
Aqua/Silver Cathedrals 8mm [+$0.75]
Smokey Topaz FP [+$0.35]
Jet Black FP [+$0.35]
Jet/Silver Cathedrals 6mm [+$0.45]
Jet/Bronze Cathedrals 8mm [+$0.75]
Fuchsia FP [+$0.43]
Lt. Topaz Cube 5x7 [+$0.35]
Medium Topaz FP [+$0.35]
Medium Topaz Diagonal Cubes [+$0.35]
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Product Details
Make your Pater beads stand out with your favorite color or mix of colors.  The above main picture features a variety of Czech glass Pater bead options along with a string of 6mm & 8mm fire polished beads in order to help get an idea of size and visual balance.  Since I forgot to add the 2 aqua cathedral options and 1 rosaline heart option to the main image, they are pictured separately.  Prices start at .35 (for all 6 beads) and go up from there depending on color, size, and shape.
There are other color options available in 6mm as well, but those usually come at no additional charge. If you need a 6mm Pater option, if you would like to see a picture of certain colors together or if you just need more pictures, please feel free to email me.    These beads are for custom rosaries only.  If you are looking for individual beads for sale, please click here to visit my bead section for crafters.
Here are the colors from top left to bottom right:
Prairie Green Fire Polished 8mm: This shade of green is a touch more muted than your traditional Emerald color. Cost $.35
Olivine Picasso Renaissance Cut 6mm: The shape of these is very similar to your traditional cathedral bead, but with a subtle antiquing on the ends. Cost $.35
Peridot Green Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Milky Peridot Green Diagonally Drilled Cubes 8mm: Cost $.35
Teal Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Jonquil (Yellow) Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Emerald Green/Silver Cathedral Beads 6mm: Cost $.45
Emerald Green Diagonally Drilled Cubes 8mm: Cost $.35
Emerald Green Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Rosaline (peachy salmon color) 8mm: Cost $.35
Rosaline/Silver Cathedral Beads 6mm: Cost $.45
AB Rosaline Heart Shaped Beads 8mm (pictured separately): Cost $.35
Pink Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.41
Aquamarine Bicones 8mm: Cost $.35
Aquamarine Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Aquamarine/Silver Cathedral Beads 6mm (pictured separately): Cost $.48
Aquamarine/Silver Cathedral Beads 8mm (pictured separately): Cost $.75
Smokey Topaz Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Jet Black Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Jet Black/Silver Cathedral Beads 6mm: Cost $.45
Jet Black/Bronze Cathedral Beads 8mm: Cost $.75
Fuchsia (Reddish Pink) Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Light Topaz Straight Cubes 5mm x 7mm: Cost $.35
Medium Topaz Fire Polished 8mm: Cost $.35
Medium Topaz Diagonally Drilled Cubes 8mm: Cost $.35
Thanks for looking! God Bless and have a great day! :)
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